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Beautiful sunset in Cartagena

Long Distance Bus Travel in South America: What I Learned on the Road in Argentina, Chile, and Peru

My experience with long distance bus travel in South America included travels throughout Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Starting in Mendoza, Argentina, I traveled through the Andes Mountains to Chile. Then from Santiago, located about midway through the length of this long country, I made my way north on the bus through the rest of Chile …

Finding Rhythm and Zen: My Favorite Yoga and Salsa Classes in Medellín

In every location where I’ve made a long term stop on this trip, I’ve found something to focus my time and energy on. In Spain, it was language exchanges – I spent a lot of time socializing at these events and at least sometimes, trying to practice my Spanish. In Buenos Aires, it was even …

Group Meditation in Buenos Aires

Meditating While Traveling Ever since I started meditating regularly a couple years ago, I always find myself looking to this activity for a break from the craziness of life. Although I’m not currently working at a full time job, I still find that meditation is just as important while traveling. If nothing else, meditation makes …

The Untethered Girl

I left my stable job and financial security in the US to wander the world for 12 months. Some may call it crazy, but I call it my chance to be untethered.

Girl Untethered is about breaking away from some of things I think I have to do in life, and striving towards those that I want to do.

It’s about loosening some of the ties in my life that give me stability, but at the same time hold me back from all I am capable of doing.

It is about allowing myself to do something scary and daring myself to look at life through a different lens.

Follow along with me through my journey to learn about the world or maybe to get inspired for your own travels.

*untether: (verb) to release or free from a tether

*tether: (noun) a rope or chain with which an animal is tied to restrict its movement

What I’ve Been Doing Recently…

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Where I am now…

In an effort to be as flexible as possible, I am only planning one step of my trip at a time, so check back here frequently for updates to my itinerary and future destinations.

Currently Visiting:Aurora, CO, USAJan 15?
Coming Up Next:???

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Where I’ve Been…

Check out the link below to see a map of all the cities I’ve been to on my trip.